Title Tracking Services

  • Is managing paper automotive titles a hassle for your financial institution?
  • Does the process divert resources from other more important concerns?
  • Would you like to take advantage of newly-available electronic titles?

The time to automate your title department has arrived.  Evans, Simpson & Associates offers an Internet based vehicle title-tracking product for paper or digital titles that eliminates the hassles associated with managing titles.  The program is managed by a certified title software and services company that has developed and administered these services since 1990.

By automating your title processing, you can gain significant cost savings in your auto finance department, have better control over title errors and the resolution process, and increase customer service.  The title processing system provides a single, easy-to-use interface that easily handles the differences between individual states.  Furthermore, the system works seamlessly with electronic lien and title (ELT or “e-title”) states.  As new states implement e-title, the software automatically adjusts from paper to electronic, enabling your institution to make the most of exchanging lien information electronically.

E-title has been state-approved and implemented in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, among others.

Many lenders also choose to outsource all or part of their title departments.  Available services include title perfection, title storage, resolution of late or missing titles, lien release, and more.  Last year our title outsourcing service managed nearly five million titles for all 50 states.

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