Overdraft Privilege

The Overdraft Privilege program allows account holders to write checks, make ATM withdrawals, or initiate other debit transactions that would exceed their available funds, in exchange for a fee.  Account holders avoid merchant charges and potential embarrassment, while gaining flexibility and convenience for managing their funds.  Overdraft Privilege users appreciate that the financial institution will cover their payments – particularly when they need it the most!

Some financial institutions attempt to create an overdraft program on their own, typically with limited success.  To get the most out of this program, a formal effort led by specialists in Overdraft Privilege programs is required.  ESA provides a complete solution, from marketing to reporting, from risk management to compliance, and from policies to systems.  Our team’s proven, organized approach will lead your institution to maximize benefits while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Extend the Overdraft Privilege to your account holders:

  • Improve customer service and retention.
  • Eliminate the retailer’s returned check fee, late fees, penalties, and interest charges.
  • Provide a significant and consistent new income source.

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