Mortgage Services

Using advanced technology and automated, progressive products, ESA’s mortgage origination services allow lenders to close loans faster and significantly decrease overhead and closing costs.  Source these products through ESA’s own bundled services Internet site – simplifying loan processing, cutting costs, and eliminating the management of multiple vendors.

Mortgage lending products and services include:

  • Mortgage Loan Default Protection
    Offer larger loans while limiting exposure to losses

  • Mortgage Lending Protection
    Eliminate the need for costly title searches for most HELOCs and second mortgages

  • Flood Zone Determinations
    Guaranteed life-of-loan tracking

  • Automated Appraisals (AVMs)
    State-of-the-art valuation algorithms estimate an accurate value for residential properties

  • Credit Reports
    Single, double, or tri-merge reports delivered on-line in seconds

  • Lien Reports
    Efficiently satisfy and ensure a loan's lien position without a title search

  • Income Verifications
    Quickly validate a borrower's earnings and make sound lending decisions

  • Legal & Vesting Reports
    Obtain the legal description of subject property and the current owner

  • Property Reports
    Identify the current owner's vesting and legal description of the property, conveyance of title, tax information, and all open mortgages, open judgments, and other involuntary liens

  • Tax Tracking
    Simplified servicing of real estate taxes for escrowed and non-escrowed loans

Additionally, learn more about ESA’s creditor placed mortgage hazard and flood insurance programs.

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