Identity Theft Protection

Justifiably, identity theft is on the minds of consumers:

  • One in five U.S. households (21 million+) directly affected
  • A full 75% willing to move accounts to get better protection
  • Financial institutions risk a “customer exodus” as awareness grows

Unisys Corporation studies – 2004, 2007

ESA offers financial institutions multiple ways to address the challenge of identity theft protection and restoration.  Provide your account holders and their families unlimited access to experienced fraud specialists who act as personal advocates in a wide range of identity-compromising situations.  On a blanket basis, the retainer-based program provides extensive consumer education and victim assistance at an extremely low cost.  Alternatively, our direct marketing program lets individuals elect identity theft protection though their trusted financial institution.  In addition, your staff can engage account holders about these valuable services directly in your branches with the point of sale program.

ESA also understands the consequence of protecting your institution in the event of a security breach.  Our comprehensive security breach solution prepares your organization for the unexpected exposure of personally identifiable information – enhancing any incident response plan.  Furthermore, in the event of a breach, our experienced advisors guide your institution through an immediate response.

Ask us how you can defend your customer base and your financial institution.

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