Executive Benefit Plans

As competition in today's market increases, financial institutions must offer complete compensation packages in order to recruit, retain, and reward top employees.  A competitive salary, employee benefits, incentive compensation plan, and qualified retirement plan often are just the starting point.

Qualified plans, such as 401(k) and pension programs, in combination with Social Security, may not provide enough income at retirement.  Non-qualified plans were designed to fill this gap, and they have become popular as the industry’s primary means to retain and reward executive talent.

ESA and its partners offer non-qualified benefit plans specifically for financial institution executives and officers.  The plans are designed so that the institution determines the specifics:  who receives benefits, when they are received, how much is received, and what kind of guarantee the employer offers.  With our experienced advisors, sophisticated planning tools, and peer group analyses, we will customize a compensation program that serves the needs of your financial institution.

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