Credit Life & Disability Insurance

Today, credit insurance is a vital part of any well-rounded lender's insurance program.  In these turbulent financial times, it is more important than ever to protect the financial well-being of families, while at the same time protecting the lender's loan assets.

Selecting the best credit insurance program available is essential, but the search can be an overwhelming task for busy lending institutions.  Many differences exist in policy specifications, coverages, benefits, administrative compensations, forms systems, and support methods from company to company.  Evans, Simpson & Associates is here doing that work for you, allowing you to focus on the administration of your business.

ESA offers full staff training and support materials, enabling loan officers to be more confident in their presentations, more effective in overcoming objections, and more accomplished in presenting the benefits of credit life and disability products to borrowers.  Additionally, our all-in-one quoting tool simplifies discussions with borrowers.  Lenders can administer credit insurance, GAP, and extended warranty enrollments with one easy-to-understand system.

Evans, Simpson & Associates realizes the significant obligation to protect not only your loan assets but also your borrowers’ invaluable credit.  We take our responsibility in this area very seriously.

Credit life and disability:  Protecting families – Protecting lenders.

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